Preparing Your Child For The First Day Of Preschool

If you have a three or four-year old child, they could be enrolled in a preschool program. Many parents sign their children up for preschool so they get a head start in learning the fundamentals they will use in elementary school classes. If your child has not spent a substantial amount of time apart from you in the past, the first days of preschool may be a bit difficult for your child to handle. Here are some ideas you can use to prepare your child for preschool.

Join A Few Groups

Before your child starts preschool, have them join a group or two for small children. Library reading hour, tumbling classes, or an art activity program are all great choices. Your child will have the chance to meet some other children around their age, giving them a chance to socialize while you are with them.

After your child has met with the group a few times, walk away while they are engrossed in listening to the instructor. Do not go out of view, but allow your child to sit alone with the rest of the group for small intervals so they get used to being able to sit with the crowd without you present.

Visit The Facility

Most preschool establishments allow parents to visit the school along with their children. Call the school you are interested in having your child attend and ask them if there is an open house evening for new students. If not, find out if there is a good time to take a tour along with your child. Most schools will hold these sessions during non-school hours for safety reasons.

Your child will have the opportunity to meet teachers and will see the areas they will play and learn. This will help them feel more at ease on the first day of school, as they will be a bit familiarized with the setup and they will know who to go to if they need help.

Have A Day Of Fun

Ask the school administrator for a list of the names of other children in the class. Have all the children meet with their parents at a local park for a day of fun games and refreshments. This will allow the children in the class, along with their parents, to get to know each other before the first day of school. Knowing some of the children who will be attending the preschool will allow your child to feel more at ease when they walk into the classroom without you by their side.

Pre-k counts. So make sure that your child is socialized before that first day. 

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