Is Your Jewish School Struggling? How To Raise Funds

If your Jewish school is struggling for money, below are some ways you can raise some funds. You can do many things, including getting some sponsors and asking area businesses and people to make donations to your school.

Get Sponsors

Think of some challenging things you and your students can do, such as swimming a certain amount of laps in a pool, or walking a certain number of miles. Ask area businesses to sponsor you. For example, they could offer to give you a certain amount of money for each mile you walk, or for each lap you swim. This not only helps you raise money, but is healthy for all of you as well, and can be a marketing opportunity for your sponsor business.

Grow Veggies and Flowers

This make take a little more time, but in the end you can make you money. Grow a vegetable garden on school property. Let the children help you make the garden, plant the seeds, and help take care of the vegetables. You should also build a flower garden, and let the children help you plant the flowers and care for them.

When your vegetables and flowers are full grown, hold a sale. Make sure you point out what you are raising money for, and people will be more apt to buy from you. Advertise the day of your sale in your community by passing out flyers. Ask stores in the area if they will let you put a poster on their window or somewhere inside. On the advertisements put a list of the vegetables and flowers you will be selling.

Ask for Donations

Ask local businesses and people for donations to raise money. This may seem difficult to do, but many people will give money knowing it is going for a good cause. Before you approach anyone, think of why you need the money. For example, you may need new textbooks, new computers, or to remodel the school. Most people will want this information before they give you some money. Ask the people that offer you donations to ask their friends and business associates if they will also make a donation.

Annual Dinner

Get together with other synagogues in your area and raise money together. You could have an annual dinner, and charge a cover price at the door. Offer advertising space in the Jewish Journal. You will have to pay for the advertisement yourself, but you could charge an extra fee for this space at your dinner party. For example, you may have to pay $200 for space in the journal, and you could charge someone $300 for the same space so you would make $100. If you get enough people to purchase ad space, you could make quite a bit of money.

Because Jewish tuition is generally very high, ask the parents to get together to raise their own money in these and other ways to help them pay for this tuition.

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