Being The Fun Babysitter: Tips When Watching Toddlers And Young Children

Whether you are watching a friend's kids for the evening, or if you work with children every day, there are some ways to engage and please young children when they are under your care. You will be known as the best babysitter around when you come up with ways to entertain, teach, and please your young charges, which is not always easy. Try some simple suggestions that may help win you accolades, while also making the experience a bit better for everyone.

Tips to be the best babysitter ever include the following:

Teach kids about giving.

Instead of typical games and art projects, do something with kids that will teach them about giving to others. You can help children of all ages make blessing bags, small bags of basic everyday items, and donate them to an area shelter or church. These may consist of inexpensive items such as hygiene products, socks, candy, pens, or stamps, and can be a true blessing to those individuals receiving your thoughtful gift.

Appease picky eaters.

If you have the problem of finicky eaters, try feeding kids using ice-cube trays. Fill each compartment with foods that they like or that you think they may enjoy or that parents have suggested. This ensures foods don't touch, and it is kind of a fun way to eat!

Make a sleep fort.

At bedtime, set up a sleep fort in the living room or other common area of the home. This will help children that are apprehensive about being away from home be more comfortable and secure. Pitch a tent or drape linens to create a cozy nook where kids can lay on sleeping bags or cuddle with blankets.

Lights, camera, action!

Shoot a video or make a movie of kids' adventures, which is a great thing to share with parents when they come to retrieve their children. These can be as elaborate or as off-the-cuff as you wish, although providing costumes or props can be fun for kids to engage in. If you are not into video, take some fun photos of the kids that you can use later on to create customized cards or gifts for the child's family, such as at holiday gift-giving time.

Don't let babysitting get boring. Engage and interact in ways that will not only entertain kids, but that may teach them something in the process. Try these suggestions the next time you are sitting for someone's child, or give it a go with your own kids!

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