Want Your Child To Have More Freedom In Learning? 5 Benefits Of A Montessori Education

Public schools have structured classrooms, and the teacher generally sets up the lesson plan for each day. A Montessori education was created by Maria Montessori. This type of education uses a child-centered approach that encourages your child to have independence and freedom within limits when it comes to learning. Below are three benefits of this type of education so you can make the best informed decision for your child.

1. Pace

A Montessori education helps your child learn in their own unique way. The teacher sets up an individualized plan for each child, and then guides them through each level. Your child will not have to worry about competing with any of the other children in the classroom, and being able to take their time helps them to learn the subject material much better. For example, if your child is young and learning how to tie their shoes, they will not be rushed while they are learning. If your child is learning the alphabet, they will not have to rush through it. If they are better at math than other students are, such as learning to add numbers much more quickly, they could move up to division before everyone else in the class does.

2. Self Discipline

Your child will have the ability to choose the activities they want to do each day, as well as how long they want to stay on each task. The teacher will have some rules and guidelines set in place, however, to ensure your child is learning what they need to. But, allowing your child to choose on their own helps them with self-discipline, as well as motivation. 

3. Learning Styles

Some children learn better by doing, while others learn better by listening. For this reason, Montessori teachers are trained to accommodate the different learning styles so your child will be able to learn the materials much better and easier.

For example, if your child is learning about how volcanoes work, some children may learn quicker by listening to the teacher, while others may learn better by creating their own volcano. Your child will also have the choice to work on their own if they prefer. The teacher will make sure they are learning the materials, however.

Visit a Montessori school like Piedmont Hills Montessori Academy & School to help you make the final decision on if this is the right type of education on whether this is the right education for your child. The administrator can go over with you in detail how each classroom works, and you will likely be able to tour the classrooms while they are in session.

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