Tips For Getting Your Child Off To Their First Day Of Daycare

If your child is going to daycare at a place like Cottonwood Montessori for the first time, you will find that the first day can be the hardest. Not only will it be a big change in your child's routine, but they may also be nervous. There are some steps you can take to make that first morning go smoothly for the both of you. The smoother things go, the easier that first day will be on the both of you. Follow the tips below on your child's first day of daycare.

Wake up before your child

Your morning routine is going to be much different on this day. Therefore, you want to go through the preparation process before your child gets up. Wake up earlier than normal and make any snacks they need to take, lay out their clothes, put their daycare bag together and take care of as much as possible before they wake up. This gives you extra time to deal with anything that comes up without the stress of being late.

Only give them one reminder about daycare

Once your child is awake, give them one reminder that they start daycare. Help them get excited about it. If they want you to tell them more about it, then do so. However, if they act like they don't want to hear it then talk about other things.

Dress them in their favorite outfit

Let them wear their favorite outfit, even if it isn't one that you would have chosen. It's most important for your child to feel good about the way they look so they go to daycare feeling confidant. If you feel the clothes they picked will make them too hot or cold during the day, pack another outfit and let the daycare worker know your child can change once they are comfortably settled in at the daycare center.

Let them know you put a surprise in their bag

You can get your child a first-day-of-daycare surprise and put it in their bag. When you get to the daycare, let your child know there is a special surprise in their bag for them and they can have it during playtime. You should also inform the staff so they are aware to let your child get in their bag at playtime. The surprise will help your child have something positive to focus on and help them get excited about their first day at daycare.

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