Raising Your Grandchild? 3 Signs Of A Quality Preschool

Each day with your grandchild brings new experiences that deepen your bond. Although raising your grandchild might be an unexpected life event, you likely don't mind being able to provide them with the best possible childhood. Since you know that education is important for helping children to reach their full potential, you want to be alert for these signs of a quality early childhood education program as you begin to search for preschools.

Classroom Organization is Highlighted

A normal early childhood classroom is always a little chaotic since children are encouraged to talk and explore their surroundings. However, you should notice that each part of the classroom is carefully planned. From using child-sized furniture to labeling shelves and cubbies, your grandchild should feel comfortable in their classroom and capable of putting their things away. You should also notice things such as a lesson plan and classroom schedule that tells you what goes on each day. Maintaining an organized classroom helps kids adapt to their new environment, and it enables you to quickly assess how effective the program is at meeting every child's needs.

Independence is Promoted

In preschool, young children are first introduced to what it is like to be away from their families for the day as they begin to learn the foundational skills that pave the way toward the rest of their education. Ask your child's prospective teacher how they promote independence. Ideally, you should hear that they provide special jobs for each child such as being the light helper or clean up monitor. You should also find that the teacher encourages kids to ask questions and be involved in class discussions that center around what they are learning.

Family Involvement is Encouraged

The right preschool program for your grandchild should maintain the view that families are an important part of a child's education. From asking family members to volunteer in the classroom to sending information home to let you know what your grandchild is learning, you should always feel involved in the program. As you work with your grandchild at home, the lessons that they learn in their preschool program are reinforced so that those early reading, math and science skills stick.

It is always exciting to prepare for those first few years at school when learning is best encouraged through play. By knowing what to look for in your grandchild's classroom, you can make sure that they begin their education in a nurturing environment that encourages them to reach their full potential. Consider looking at schools like Sammamish Montessori School as you search for an education program.

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